World Languages

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Career & Advancement

Learning a world language widens your horizons and gives you a deeper perspective on human experience and cultures beyond your own. Language study can also help you expand employment possibilities, broaden skills, prepare for further education and advance your career. World language expertise is called upon in myriad areas such as travel and tourism, journalism and international business.

Fulfill Baccalaureate Language Requirements

If you're considering a 4-year school that has a language requirement, a community college language learning environment will get you started.

Language for Careers & Business

Second language knowledge is now a component in many job applications. With twenty-first century communication advances, knowledge of the language of other countries becomes useful, if not necessary.

For example, Spanish is a language used globally for business transactions. As demographics in the U.S. change and trade with Spanish-speaking countries increases, the demand for capable workers with Spanish fluency has also risen. (Of the 400 million Spanish-speakers in 21 countries, 360 million are in the Americas.) The fields of medicine, law, business and public health all need Spanish speakers.

Another example is China, a country which will soon be the largest consumer on the planet. It’s well-known in world trade circles that doing business in China requires fluency in spoken Chinese.