Admissions for RN

Nursing Entrance Requirements

See Program Information Packet.

Procedure for Admission

Apply to the College
Apply to the Nursing Program


Applicants to North Seattle Nursing are required to complete standardized pre–admission testing. Arrange to take the Test of Essential Academic Skills TEAS test. Contact the Testing Office at (206) 934-3674 for information about testing fees, dates and preparation. The TEAS testing can be complete at any of the Seattle Colleges Testing Centers (North, Central and South). The TEAS contains four subjects: math, science, English and reading. Applicants must achieve an overall Adjusted Individual Total Score at or above 75 percent to be considered for admissions. There is a fee for the test. The applicant must bring the paid receipt to the testing office when arranging the testing (see the TEAS Testing page).


Students will need to submit transcripts of previous college coursework to Seattle Central College. Students having previously earned credits at other colleges must apply for incoming transcript evaluation to have these credits accepted for transfer at Central. Transcripts are not required for credits earned at the Seattle Colleges, however, an evaluation request form must still be submitted to Central for classes taken at the North or South campuses. This process takes six to eight weeks but can vary depending on the time of year. It is the responsibility of the applicant to meet the deadlines.


Contact an academic advisor if you have questions related to the prerequisite classes or the transcript evaluation results. E-mail:, or phone (206) 934-3958 to set up an appointment.

Financial Aid

Inquiries regarding financial aid must be directed to the Financial Aid Office at Seattle Central College. Call (206) 934-3844 or visit Financial Aid.

After Acceptance

Immunization records must be on file in the ADN Program Office by the deadline given after acceptance to the program. Specific forms/information will be provided during orientation for the program.

In accordance with health facility affiliation agreements, upon acceptance to the program students must complete a background check by a designated agency. All information is kept confidential. Students should be aware that certain convictions may prevent their clinical placement and employment, and that completion of this program does not guarantee certification, licensure or employment.

Program Contact Information

Associate Degree Nursing
Nursing Division

Mailing Address:
North Seattle College
9600 College Way North
Instruction building IB 2301C
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 934-4627