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Keeping It Real & Relevant for You & Your Future

Anticipating more and more innovations and higher and higher expectations for using, managing, designing, producing and distributing communication, North’s comprehensive and experiential Communication curricula offer you a variety of choices and emphases for fulfilling the “C” course, integrated studies and elective requirements for an Associate of Arts degree.

If you are interested in getting a professional certificate in Communication and Media Arts (C&MA) or in Communication, Business and Media (CB&M) or want to continue on for an Associate of Applied Science-T degree, please see Communication, Business & Media.

Cross-disciplinary Focus

Cross-disciplinary coursework incorporates open-ended perspectives on interpersonal, group, organizational, international and media communication.

Professionally oriented seminars, workshops and practicums, internships, and other off-campus and on-site experiences are facilitated and supported by Seattle media executives and other communication practitioners currently working in the local market.

Benefits of Communication Study

Successfully completing Communication courses can prepare you for more effective one-to-one and group interactions within academic and professional settings — enabling you to better:

 • choose, organize and develop in-person and/or media-based modalities and material for sharing concepts and ideas with individuals and within groups;

 • engage critically and constructively in exchanging concepts and ideas, keeping discussions and presentations relevant and focused;

 • adapt communication styles and media formats to the contexts and situations in which specific interactions occur;

 • recognize nonverbal, verbal and media communication reflecting particular perspectives on culture, ethnicity, age, gender and/or sexual orientation;

 • identify and practice interactive and facilitative roles with individuals and group members engaged in cooperative inquiry or work; 

 • understand and implement appropriate methods for making decisions and solving problems.

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