Transfer Degree Options

North Seattle College offers several associate degrees designed for transfer students. Please review our degree programs below.

Why Earn a DTA Degree?

A DTA degree is part of a Direct Transfer Agreement, and can help you transfer more seamlessly. For most Washington state four-year colleges an AA-, AB- or AS-DTA degree will transfer as a package, and may

  • fulfill most of the university’s lower division general education coursework.
  • grant junior standing (depending on major entry requirements).
  • give students priority application review status.
  • qualify students for special scholarships or application fee waivers.
  • include transfer of up to 15 credits of “normally non-transferable” coursework such as vocational or professional/technical classes.

Please note, completion of an associate degree does not guarantee admission to a four-year college or university. Each institution has specific admission requirements (G.P.A., residency, core requirements, etc.).