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Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes detail the knowledge, skills and abilities that you as a student will demonstrate upon successful completion of your program.


  1. Think Critically and Creatively

      • Recognize and apply the fundamental concepts of chemistry in a variety of problem solving contexts using creativity, analysis and intuition

      • Employ the scientific method to design and analyze the results of chemical experiments across both general and organic chemistry topics

  1. Communicate with Clarity

      • Organize and articulate chemical ideas and experimental results through written scientific reports, multi-media presentations, discussions, and collaborative project activities

  1. Engage in our world Actively and Responsibly

       • Demonstrate use of a broad range of common laboratory techniques taught in both general and organic chemistry courses to gain a better understanding of the sub-microscopic nature of matter

       • Develop expertise, broaden perspectives, and deepen understanding of the chemical world by effectively seeking scholarly information and sources from a variety of library-based scientific data-bases

       • Recognize green chemistry concepts and apply these ideas to develop respect for the interconnectedness of our world and an ethic of environmental care and sustainability.