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Art Advisor:

The art department offers three programs in art:

  • Associate of Fine Arts Degree - Art (two-year program)
  • Certificate in Fine Arts - Art (two-year program for students who already have a college degree)
  • Certificate in Fine Arts - Jewelry Design (four-quarter certificate program specializing in jewelry design)

Each program has specific requirements for completion. See the listings to the left for details about each degree and certificate program. After consulting with the main advising department on campus, you should attend one of the art advising meetings that are scheduled twice a quarter.

Art Advising Sessions   

At each session you will receive guidelines for completing your program and have the opportunity to ask questions about your visual arts study.

Basic Information

It is best that you complete foundation art courses before moving into the specific area of study that is of interest to you. This means taking drawing, design and art history classes first to prepare you for a more successful experience in the 200 level classes. These classes are Art 111, 112, 113; Design 101, 102; and Art History 251, 252, 253.  

Before taking Art Business 290, it is highly recommended that you take Computer Art 210 to hone the Illustrator and Photoshop skills needed for building your portfolio. It is also recommended that you take art business after you have had some studio art classes so that you can photograph your work for your final portfolio. 

A portfolio of your work is required for graduation. Therefore, you should begin the  portfolio review process two quarters before your graduation date. This portfolio includes resume, artist statement and photographic examples of work from each studio art class you have taken. The art business class will help prepare you for this task and is offered winter quarter every year. You will need three art faculty members to review your portfolio.  The portfolio review process must be completed prior to graduation. It is advised that you document all of your projects, as you will be required to show examples from each of your art classes.

Jewelry certificate students are required to put together a physical portfolio of their work and a showing of their work locally before receiving their certificate. This showing should be completed prior to graduation. 

We urge students to be an active part of the school community - showing in the end-of-year student art show in the North Art Gallery, actively participating in North's Art Group, and attending visiting artist lectures and programs.

    Associated Degrees

    Associate of Fine Arts Degree: Art


    Candidates for the Associate of Fine Arts degree in Art must complete a minimum of 100 credits of college transfer-level courses (numbered 100 or greater) with a GPA of 2.0 or higher. At least 15 credits must be earned at NSC. The last quarter must be completed at NSC.

    Required Courses

    The AFA in Art requires successful completion of the following specific courses:

    Certificate in Fine Arts: Art


    CFA candidates must complete 85 credits college-level courses (numbered 100 or greater) with a minimum GPA of 2.0. At least 15 credits must be earned at NSC, and the final quarter must be completed at NSC.

    Some art courses are offered only once a year, so students should consult with their adviser and plan accordingly:

    • Fall quarters: ART251

    • Winter quarters: ART252, ART112, 

    ART205, ART206, ART207

    • Spring quarters: ART253, ART101, 

    Certificate in Fine Arts: Jewelry Design (CJD)


    Candidates for the CJD must complete 60 credits of college-level courses (numbered 100 or greater) with a minimum GPA of 2.5. The required jewelry classes (25 credits) must be taken at NSC.

    At the completion of the required courses, the students must exhibit their work either on campus or at an approved venue. This should be a solid body of work expressing their mastery of materials. Final approval and recommendation to award the CJD rests with the art faculty.

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