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Hundreds of North Seattle College students transfer to four-year colleges and universities each year. You can join them! These pages provide information and resources to help you plan a successful transfer.

Choose from 6 Transfer Degrees

Associate of Arts (AA) Degree (AA-DTA)
Associate in Business (AB-DTA)
Associate of Science General (AS-DTA)
Associate of Science Option #1
Associate of Science Option #2
Associate of Fine Arts

Why Earn a DTA Degree?

A DTA degree is part of a Direct Transfer Agreement, and can help you transfer more seamlessly. For most Washington state four-year colleges an AA-, AB- or AS-DTA degree will transfer as a package, and may

  • fulfill most of the university’s lower division general education coursework.
  • grant junior standing (depending on major entry requirements).
  • give students priority application review status.
  • qualify students for special scholarships or application fee waivers.
  • include transfer of up to 15 credits of “normally non-transferable” coursework such as vocational or professional/technical classes.
  • Please note, completion of an associate degree does not guarantee admission to a four-year college or university. Each institution has specific admission requirements (G.P.A., residency, core requirements, etc.).

Planning your Transfer is Important

Review the steps in our Transfer Planning Timeline to make sure you stay on track.

Students and schools have transfer rights and responsibilities. As a public college in Washington State, North Seattle College recognizes these rights and responsibilities.

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