Bicycle & Motorcycle Parking

Bicycle Parking

Lock and attach bicycle to a campus–provided bicycle rack with a secure lock. Bicycles left in other areas may be impounded and fined. Parking areas for bicycles:

  • 1st Fl, Underneath foot bridge (Directly in front of security office)
  • 1st Fl, Between IB & AS buildings; North most stairwell
  • 1st Fl, Between CC & HSSR buildings; Stairwell directly outside grove
  • 1st Fl, Between CC & OC buildings; South most stairwell
  • G Fl, Between ED & WC building
  • G Fl, Directly outside of WC entrance

Bicycle Fixit Station

Located directly below foot bridge, right outside security office located in the College Center, 1st floor.

Need a place to shower after your bike ride? Shower facilities are available in the Roy Flores Wellness Center. Please contact the Transportation Office at 206.934.0060 or email for details.

Motorcycle Parking

There is no charge for motorcycle parking in the College Center garage for college staff or students; no public parking of motorcycles is permitted, nor is overnight parking/storage of motorcycles allowed. The location of motorcycle parking in the College Center Parking Garage (Ground level, Southwest garage entrance). Motorcycles parked outside of the designated areas are required to pay for a permit or pay the daily parking rate.

No parking areas for bicycles and motorcycles:

  • Inside offices and instructional buildings
  • Next to exit doors
  • Next to handrails
  • In planted areas (i.e. Landscaped areas, wetlands, grass)
  • On sidewalks or pedestrian walkways