Appeals Process

  1. If you received a parking citation on North Seattle College property, you have the right to either pay or appeal the citation.
  2. Per WAC Per WAC 132-116-045 (7), appeals to reverse or reduce parking violation tickets shall be done in person or in writing with the parking enforcement office in accordance with WAC 132F-108-050.
  3. Per WAC 132F-108-050, this appeals process is defined as a ‘brief adjudicative procedure’ and will be conducted in person or in writing
  4. Primary appeal is through Transportation Coordinator at the Security Office College Center 1252;  the acting hearing officer must not be the same officer who issued the citation
  5. The Transportation Coordinator will consider citation history and any mitigating factors; this consideration may result in a reduction of fine or a reduction of penalty
  6. A reduction to “warning” will occur if the acting hearing officer determines the infraction did occur but with explanation; reduction to warning does not equate to “voiding the citation.”
  7. A citation may be voided in the instance of officer error, special circumstance, or other reason the citation should not have been written
  8. If unsatisfied with outcome, 2nd level appeal is reviewed by Director (unless Director issued the citation)
  9. If the Transportation and Security Director issued the citation, the 2nd level appeal is conducted by the Associate Vice President of Administrative Services; otherwise, the Associate Vice President is the final level of appeal 

To schedule an appeal, contact The Transportation Office at:

Phone:  206-934-0060
In Person: College Center 1252