Financial Aid
Application Deadlines

Students must apply for financial aid each academic year in which they plan to enroll in courses. Knowing when to apply and which aid year to apply to can be confusing, this page lists the deadline dates for the current open application periods.

Financial aid at North Seattle College is awarded for the academic year beginning with Fall Quarter and ending Summer Quarter. North Seattle College’s priority funding deadline is March 15 each year. Students meeting this deadline will be considered for maximum grant and work-study funding. Quarterly deadlines are listed below.  Students who do not meet the quarterly deadlines should plan to pay for their educational costs as they will likely not receive notification of eligibility before tuition payments are due.

The two steps below need to be completed by the deadline to ensure an eligibility decision is made before the quarter begins. Additional steps and/or paperwork may be required for some students.

Financial Aid Application Steps for All Students

1.  Complete the FAFSA or WASFA for the each aid year.  (Only one application is required per academic year.) 

2.  Complete the North Seattle College Admissions process, including linking you Social Security Number to your Student ID number. (Students who do not yet have a SSN, should notify the Financial Aid Office of their SID after completing the application.)

Students are encouraged to submit their financial aid and admissions application at least one week prior to the deadline to ensure it is received and processed by the deadline date.

2017-2018  Academic Year
(Complete the 2017-18  FAFSA or WASFA)
Priority Deadline:   March 15, 2017
Fall 2017
Quarter Deadline
June 16, 2016
Winter 2018
Quarter Deadline
November 3, 2017
Spring 2018
Quarter Deadline
February 2, 2018
Summer 2018 **
Quarter Deadline
May 4, 2018
2018-2019  Academic Year
(Complete the 2018-19  FAFSA or WASFA)
Priority Deadline:   March 15, 2018
Fall 2018
Quarter Deadline
June 30, 2018
Winter 2019
Quarter Deadline
October 31, 2018
Spring 2019
Quarter Deadline
January 31, 2019
Summer 2019**
Quarter Deadline
April 30, 2019


** Summer quarter grant aid and summer quarter work-study requests requires an additional one-page supplemental application form available beginning the first week of spring quarter each year.