Steps to Admission & Enrollment

Applying online is simple, fast and free!

Domestic students, apply via the Web Admissions Center or download (PDF) and submit, either:
USPS mail in to North Seattle College Admissions & Registration, 9600 College Way North, Seattle, WA 98103 or
email to or

International student? Apply through International Programs.

Be sure to include an email address to receive your acceptance message and student ID number.

Note: Out-of-state students should read the state compliance policy before applying.

Note: If you are a new to Washington state, please see the following page: For those undocumented citizens affected by the HB1079 legislation, see the residency affidavit.

Undocumented” students may qualify for the lower resident tuition rate as well as financial aid. If you are an “undocumented” student who has lived in Washington for at least 3 years before completing high school or the equivalent, see the residency affidavit.

If not applying online, come to the Admissions/Registration Office on campus for great in-person attention. (You can also apply online using our computer kiosk stations available in the admissions area.)

See Campus Map for campus and visitor parking information.

Under 18 and have not earned a high school diploma or GED? Apply for Running Start. Or continue your application process AND, if not enrolled in Running Start, request an exception to the NSC admissions policy by Applying as an Underage Student.

Health and Medical and I-BEST programs may require acceptance into their programs prior to enrollment. Students interested in these programs may apply to the College at any time.

What’s next? ENROLL as a student.

Estimate your tuition and fees. Tuition and fee tables are available from the Tuition & Fees section.

Visit or call the Financial Aid Office. Applying early for financial aid increases your chances of receiving an award. The financial aid deadline for fall applies for the whole year, so meet the priority deadline even if you don't plan to enroll until winter or spring.

If your employer or another agency will be paying your tuition, contact the Financial Aid Office before registering.

To determine your eligibility for worker retraining support as a displaced worker, contact Workforce Education.

If you do not have enough money to pay your tuition all at once, you may enroll in an online deferred payment plan provided by a partnership between North and nelnet Business Solutions. Get more details on e-Cashier here.

Search the Web for information about scholarships not offered through the school.

New Students

New students have several options to demonstrate their English and/or math proficiency level.

1. Take the placement test. For review materials, visit our study guide page.

2. Use qualifying ACT or SAT scores for placement.

3. Seattle Public Schools students: use your high school transcript for placement into intermediate algebra or college level math. Find more information here. A placement test is still required for English.

4. Use qualifying placement tests from other colleges.

5. Use qualifying college-level Math or English classes.

To use one of these options, you may e-mail, fax or bring your unofficial transcripts or placement test scores to Advising or to a START New Student Orientation and receive entry codes for registration. Returning Students Returning students may need to retake the test if their most recent math class is older than two years or previous math scores are older than one year. English test scores are valid for two years. Qualifying college-level English composition courses do not time out.

Returning Students

Returning students may need to retake the test if their most recent math class is older than two years or previous math scores are older than one year. English test scores are valid for two years. Qualifying college-level English composition courses do not time out.

Attend a New Student Orientation

*required for students with no prior college experience

New Student Orientation provides an overview of programs, services and the registration process and gives you a chance to meet with an advisor to plan your schedule.

You will have the ability to register after you’ve completed an in-person orientation and demonstrated valid placement test scores or completed English and math at another institution. Test scores and/or previous math courses being used for Math placement must be from within the last year. For information on English, please go to English Placement; previous college-level English classes do not expire for credit.

For on-campus orientation information and to sign up, please access the following link:

Students in Running Start, Seattle Promise, International Programs, Basic Skills (GED, ABE, and ESL) and Bachelor of Applied Science programs all have their own orientations and should contact their department for more information.

Visit the Online Orientation Web pages. Browse/refer to them as often as needed to access the College's Web resources.

Consult the Online Schedule

To help you decide what courses to take, visit MyNorth for the most accurate and up-to-date version of the quarterly schedule.

Register online or in person

With your Student Identification Number (SID) and your class item numbers selected from the course schedule, you are ready to register.

Online registration

Go to Register/Add/Drop Classes

In-Person Registration

Get personal assistance at the Admissions/Registration Office on the second floor of the College Center building or use the registration kiosks available there to register online.

We recommend you view North's Admissions/Registration policies before you register for classes.

Your registration is not complete until tuition and fees have been paid in full or you have enrolled in the FACTS deferred payment plan.

Tuition is determined by the number of courses you take and your residency status. Fees are determined by the number and type of courses you take. These fees do not include classroom expenses like art supplies or course-specific equipment that may be required by the instructor.

The average student will take 10-18 credits per quarter. Full-time is 12 credits. An advisor can help you estimate your typical tuition and fee payments. See the Tuition and Fees pages for full details on tuition and fee charges.

Tuition Payment Deadline

If you register prior to the beginning of the quarter, you must pay your tuition and fees or enroll in the FACTS automatic payment plan within 7 business days of your registration or prior to the start of the quarter, whichever comes first. If you register on or after the first day of the quarter, tuition and fee payment is due immediately upon registration. Students who do not pay tuition by the deadline will be dropped from classes for non-receipt of payment.

How to Pay

You can pay your tuition and fees by credit card online or by deferred payment plan without coming to campus, or in person, at the Cashier’s Office, on the second floor of the College Center Building. In-person payments can be made by cash, check, American Express, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, debit card or financial aid award. Checks must be written for the exact amount and must be drawn on banks located in the United States. A handling fee of $30.75 is charged for any returned checks. Students will be automatically dropped from classes if checks written for tuition are returned for insufficient funds. Students who are dropped for insufficient funds must pay tuition and fees in cash or by credit card.

Financial assistance must be arranged with the Financial Aid Office prior to registration.

Photo ID

Photo identification cards are required for all currently enrolled students at North Seattle College.

Get your photo ID.

Visit the Bookstore

Bring your list of classes to the bookstore to purchase books for your classes. Details are available at the Bookstore's web page.


You are a registered student at North Seattle College!

Remember to attend the first day of classes or communicate with your instructor in advance if you are unable to attend. Registered students who are absent the first day without prior approval of the instructor or department may be withdrawn from classes.