Certificate in Fine Arts: Art

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The Certificate in Fine Arts (CFA) in Art is designed for students pursuing the fine arts, but does not transfer to other colleges and universities the way the Associate of Arts (AA) degree does. Students seeking a BA or BFA should see the NSC Associate of Arts degree requirements and the graduation requirements of the university at which they intend to enroll.

Learning Outcomes
  • Use form, organization, structure and tools appropriate to the discipline
  • Understand and use the language and vocabulary of the discipline
  • Make aesthetic judgments and decisions
  • Understand the history and traditions of the discipline
  • Connect the arts with the cultures and societies that they are a part of
  • Integrate the arts into one’s life as a member of the community
  • Function as a citizen and lifelong learner through attitudes, skills, and knowledge gained in courses in areas of knowledge outside of one’s are of focus.

All CFA students must plan their program with the art advisor Lynne Hull. The following procedure outlines the process for this achieving this award.

Although it may be possible to complete this program in two years, it is suggested that it be spread over more time to allow better assimilation of skills and more flexible scheduling. Art courses require out-of-class time, high energy and personal involvement for truly effective learning. The art faculty, therefore, highly recommend that students consider taking no more than two studio courses per quarter.


CFA candidates must complete 85 credits college-level courses (numbered 100 or greater) with a minimum GPA of 2.0. At least 15 credits must be earned at NSC, and the final quarter must be completed at NSC.

Some art courses are offered only once a year, so students should consult with their adviser and plan accordingly:

• Fall quarters: ART251

• Winter quarters: ART252, ART112, 

ART205, ART206, ART207

• Spring quarters: ART253, ART101, 

ART112, ART205, ART206, ART207

Substitution may be made only with the approval of the art advisor and the dean. Students must submit a portfolio of at least eight pieces during their final quarter for evaluation. This portfolio will be evaluated by the art faculty. Final approval and recommendation to award the CFA rests with the art faculty.

See printer friendly PDF file at top of this page for the complete requirements, a recommended sequence of courses, and a course planning worksheet.


Effective Quarter
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