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Art Council

Based in the rich cultural and natural histories of the campus, the Art Council raises awareness of Art on campus and, in doing so, will prioritize activities that work toward sustaining a diverse and environmentally aware community.

Assessment Committee

The North Seattle Assessment Committee (NSAC) serves as a central reflective space where assessment committee members collect, synthesize and disseminate information to the college and the VP of instruction for future actions regarding student learning. NSAC meets on a monthly basis.

Budget Advisory Committee

Members of the Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) represent a cross-section of the campus community. The committee acts in a technical capacity to advise the college president, cabinet, and E-team on the feasibility and practicality of the college’s proposed annual budget.


CAS, the Curriculum and Academic Standards Committee, serves as the college governance committee responsible for curriculum and academic standards. Yes, this means that if you, as a faculty member, want to add or modify a course or degree or certificate, this is the committee whose approval you need. CAS meets the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, as needed to carry out its duties.


NSC's Classified Development Advisory Committee (CDAC) is a group of classified staff member volunteers that coordinate and host professional development opportunities for fellow classified employees of the college.   Through day-long retreats held in Fall and Spring of each academic year and professional development mini-grants, CDAC focuses on addressing the

College Council

Per College Council Bylaws: The role of the College Council is to ensure that the constituents of the college will have the opportunity to participate actively and collaboratively in the development of policies and procedures of the institution . .

College Readiness Committee

The College Readiness Committee focuses on student progression and transition to college level work.

Diversity Inclusion Council for Equity

The Diversity Inclusion Council for Equity is an advisory council that supports and advocates for the vision and values around diversity.

We seek to provide leadership for ongoing learning, discussion, dialogue and understanding about diversity by all members of the NSC campus community, including students, staff, faculty and administration.


ETAC (Educational Technologies Advisory Committee)

ETAC's mission is to foster cross-campus communication, collaboration, coordination and visioning on e-learning and use of educational technologies at NSC.

Health & Safety Committee

North Seattle College is committed to providing a safe learning environment. The NSC Safety Committee meets at 2 PM on the third Tuesday of each month in the President's Boardroom. The safety committees meetings are required by Washington Administrative Code WAC 296-800-130

Human Subjects Review Committee

The Human Subjects Review Committee is dedicated to the ethical treatment of participants in research at North Seattle College. The HSRC reviews any research working with human participants at the college to determine whether that research meets ethical guidelines in protection of those participants.

The primary responsibilities of the Human Subjects Review Committee include:

Instructional Council

Provides leadership to the college on all instructional areas including transfer, professional technical and basic skills programs.  In addition to the academic deans, other members of the Council represent expertise in technology, e-learning, media services, student services, continuing education and workforce.

Integrated Studies Committee

The IS Committee, a subcommittee of CAS, oversees North’s Integrated Studies Program; this includes approving new programs, promoting interdisciplinary teaching and learning, mentoring interested faculty, and creating the yearly schedule of program offerings.

International Advisory Committee

The International Advisory Committee serves as representative body of staff and faculty who work with international students. The Committee, made up of people from instruction, student services and international programs meets quarterly.

IT Advisory Committee ITAC

Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) advises the units on campus that provide support for information technologies in teaching and learning, and in the day-to-day business of the college.  The committee includes constituents from across the North Seattle College campus.

NSC Executive Team

harge:  Working with the president, determines college operations and policy matters.  The E-Team is made up of all vice presidents and direct reports of the president.

Reports to:  President Chairs these meetings.

Schedule:  Meets every three weeks.

Contact:   Toni Bajado Stankovic, Executive Assistant to the President

President's Advisory Council on Sustainability (PACS)

The role of the PACS is to bring together representatives from Student Leadership, Faculty, and Staff  to work toward sustainability at North Seattle College (North).

Program Review Committee

The Program Review Committee, a sub-committee of CAS, provides oversight and peer review of the instructional program review process.

STARS Committee

STARS is an authorized, representative committee of Classified Staff which acts as a liaison between Classified staff and the college President, and as a conduit between Classified Staff and representatives to college shared governance committees and other college committees. 

Strategic Enrollment Management Council (SEM)

Mission of the Council:

Preparing our students for completion and success beyond North Seattle College (i.e., be it transfer or career)


Strengthening our resources and tactics to provide effective organizational practices (from administrative services to instructional and student service programs) that will improve student retention and success


Student Development Services (SDS) Council

SDS Council is the leadership team responsible for programs providing high quality and accessible services to students that support North Seattle College’s mission of advancing student success, excelling in teaching and learning, and building community.

Tutoring Advisory Committee

The Tutoring Advisory Committee (TAC) deliberates and makes recommendations regarding tutoring policies across the campus. The committee is composed of the various tutoring managers on campus as well as stakeholders from each department.