CAS serves as the college governance committee responsible for curriculum and academic standards. Yes, this means that if you, as a faculty member, want to add or modify a course or degree or certificate, this is the committee whose approval you need. CAS meets the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, as needed to carry out its duties.

Membership & Meeting Schedule
  • CAS includes a secretary and one representative each from:  Advising, Credentials, Financial Aid, and Instructional Programs, 1 student representative, 3 faculty representatives from each of the following divisions: AHSS (including 1 from English), MS (including 1 from Math), Workforce (including one from BAS), 1 faculty representative from each of the following: Library, Counseling, Basic and Transitional Studies, and one at-large.  Also serving ex-officio are VPI and Dean of Workforce.
  • Current members include: Melissa Grinley, Mel Corning, Molly Brown, Sarah Weiss, Brittany Harper, Deepa Bhandaru, Scott Rausch, Kennan Knudson, Sara Stapleton, Melissa Allen, Shireen Deboo, Sam Wilson, Suzanne Schlador, Elizabeth Goulet, Heidi Iverson, Dave McConnon, Ninder Gill, Nausica Zorzi, Melana Yanos, Farideh Faraz, Peter Lortz
  • CAS meets mthly 2nd and 4th Tuesday from 2:30-4:00 p.m. (Boardroom,Zoom)
Sponsoring Unit Chair
  • Sponsoring Unit: Instruction
    Chair Melissa Grinley (Psychology Faculty)
  • Chair rotates every 2 years.