Based in the rich cultural and natural histories of the campus, the Art Council raises awareness of Art on campus and, in doing so, will prioritize activities that work toward sustaining a diverse and environmentally aware community.


The role of the Art Council is to ensure that the constituents of the college will have the opportunity to participate actively and collaboratively in the development of art on campus. Individuals and constituencies shall have ample opportunity to participate in order to foster and support an institutional climate of openness, trust and collaboration. The Art Council strives to help move the institution forward by supporting the District Strategic Plan and meeting its goals identified in the college Institutional Effectiveness Plan and Core Themes:

  •  Advancing Student Success
  •  Excelling in Teaching and Learning
  •  Building a Sustainable Community


The Art Council, on behalf of the college community, shall advise the President on matters vital to Art on campus. Its functions shall be to: 

  •  Champion the arts on campus. This council was formed to support visual art specifically and visual art remains its primary focus. This council welcomes the formation and development of task forces and/or committees to address goals specific to all performing and cultural arts on campus.
  •  Participate in the development, implementation and review of the district’s mission statement, strategic plan and college institutional effectiveness plan.
  •  Coordinate college-wide art initiatives and activities on campus, including how to utilize the Art in Public Places (AIPP) funding.
  •  Collect and review proposals submitted to the Art Council and forward recommendations to the President. 


To read the Art Council bylaws, approved by North's Executive Team on Oct. 22, 2019, please click here.  


Missing and erroneous committee information should be reported to NSC Art Council co-chairs

Amanda Knowles & Kelda Martensen