The North Seattle Assessment Committee (NSAC) serves as a central reflective space where assessment committee members collect, synthesize and disseminate information to the college and the VP of instruction for future actions regarding student learning. NSAC meets on a monthly basis.

Essential Learning Outcomes (ELO): North Seattle College serves a diverse student population with a wide variety of educational backgrounds and goals. The ELOs are the learning outcomes determined by North Seattle College as goals for students’ learning across the institution, regardless of program of study. They are as follows:

  • Inquiry based on information accessed through ethical research.
  • Problem Solving using critical and creative thinking; quantitative and qualitative reasoning; information literacy; and disciplinary and cross-disciplinary knowledge.
  • Communication in oral, written and artistic modes of expression, individually and in collaboration with others.
  • Responsibility for understanding and integrating intercultural competence, practicing ethical reasoning and conduct, applying sustainability principles, and demonstrating respect for self and others.