The Human Subjects Review Committee is dedicated to the ethical treatment of participants in research at North Seattle College. The HSRC reviews any research working with human participants at the college to determine whether that research meets ethical guidelines in protection of those participants.

The primary responsibilities of the Human Subjects Review Committee include:

  • Looking out for the interests and well-being of volunteers who would participate as research subjects in studies (our students mostly)
  • Helping researchers comply with ethical requirements and with any federal or state regulations that may apply to their study
  • Helping to protect researchers from any potential liabilities to which they may be exposed
  • Helping to protect North Seattle College from any potential liabilities to which it may be exposed

Forms to Apply

First, do you need to apply? Check out this flowchart to determine if your study is considered research or assessment. If your study is considered research which will be using human participants, you need to apply to the HSRC for approval. Below are the forms you will need.

Educational Materials about Research Ethics

Please direct applications, forms, and any questions to Melissa Grinley.