The Teaching and Learning Center technical advisory committee (TLC TAC) serves as a conduit between faculty and staff development needs and the TLC by providing feedback to the TLC staff and administrator on the TLC mission and projects, offering input on staff and faculty needs, and advice on best practices towards meeting those needs. 

The TLC TAC has historically met once or twice a quarter with the TLC manager, Dean, and faculty development coordinator (FDC). These three staff update the committee on what we're thinking about in terms of developing the TLC, what kinds of projects we're working on (e.g. improving the website; building a particular focus for staff and faculty development; etc.), seek feedback from the committee on these ideas and efforts, and invite input from the committee on what members think faculty and staff might need/want for development and advice on how best to meet prevailing needs/wants.

Time commitment is very low (an hour or two once or twice a quarter for the meeting/s and sometimes a bit of time reviewing proposed process documents).