Disability Services

Application of Accommodations

Sign Language Interpreting

Students must request ASL accommodations by submitting the online form below.

Interpreting and transcribing services require a 4-week notice your courses. Less notice may mean services will not be available when requested.

Interpreting/transcribing services may be requested for any college activity or function. Inform DS Office of event and allow a minimum of 5 days for services to be set in place. Less notice may mean an interpreter or transcriber will not be available.

  1. Notify the DS Office of any schedule changes.
  2. Inform the DS office and your interpreters or transcribers if you will be absent from class.
  3. If you are late for class, interpreters/transcribers will wait 20 minutes for classes less than 1 ½ hours long and 30 minutes for classes over 1 ½ hours. NOTE: Repeated “no-shows” may result in a suspension of interpreting and/or transcribing services. To reinstate services, you must schedule a meeting with the Director of DS.
  4. Inform the DS Office of any problems with provided services.
  5. If you are unable to attend class, inform DS immediately so communication access services can be canceled for that class.