Disability Services

Application of Accommodations

Tips for Talking to Your Instructors

If you choose to talk to your instructors about your disability, follow these tips.

  1. Set up a meeting with your instructor to talk about your accommodation letter. Doing it in this way helps to remind the instructor that this information is confidential and not to be shared with others.
    • Visit the instructor during office hours (hours are usually posted in the syllabus).
    • E-mail your instructor to set up an appointment.
    • Ask your instructor after class to arrange a meeting time.
  2. At the meeting, refer specifically to your accommodations as identified in your Letter of Accommodation the instructor would have received via email. Your letter will not identify your specific disability.
    • You do not have to share specific disability information. You may just want to share that you are a student with a disability and what your accommodation needs are. Use assertive communication skills to discuss your needs with your instructor.
  3. If you decide to share specific disability information, be sure to use brief, positive everyday language that focuses on your strengths and abilities and effective accommodations.
    • Be prepared when you talk with your instructors; have an idea of what you want to talk about with them. With busy schedules, instructors appreciate forethought and succinct explanations.
    • It is your choice as to how much information you wish to share concerning your disability.
  4. Discuss the information on the letter by approaching it as you are a student registered at the Disability Services office and these are the accommodations that you are to receive. Be prepared to answer any questions.
    • If you do not feel comfortable answering the professor’s questions, you can refer him or her to the Disability Services Office.