Disability Services

Application of Accommodations

Accessible Parking

Disability Parking at North Seattle College

Parking & Transportation Office

Per Washington Administrative Code 132F-116-085:

No vehicle shall park in a parking space designated for disabled persons without displaying a disabled license plate, card, or decal issued by the Washington state department of licensing (or from equivalent other jurisdictions in other states) that indicates that an occupant of the vehicle is disabled.

  1. Such vehicle must be used to transport the disabled person.
  2. Vehicles meeting these criteria will be allowed to park in the designated spaces upon payment of the standard parking rate.
  3. The parking enforcement personnel of each campus and the district office shall make alternative parking available for short-term disabilities.

Follow this link for the application and information on how to obtain a Washington State Department of Licensing Disabled Parking Application

Emergency Evacuation Plan

How to Display your Permit

  •  North Seattle College students, faculty and staff and employees of the Opportunity Center: Hang parking permits from rear view mirror facing outward, or placed—visibly—face up on dashboard.  If needed, secure permits on dash with tape or other adhesive to prevent misplacement.  Permit number and current dates must be clearly visible. Vehicles should be locked to prevent theft and vandalism.
  • Students, faculty, staff and guests or clients with disabled placards/ license plates:  a state-issued disability permit is required. Students displaying a disabled placard are allowed to park in these areas at these times: 1) anywhere in the Carpool (West) Lot at any time, if other disabled spaces are full; 2) in the garage at any time, but only in disabled or carpool spaces; 3) disabled spaces in the East lots located in front of the Wellness Center, Education Building, Opportunity Center for Employment & Education, and in front of the Childcare Center in the North Lot.  Remember: permits must be clearly displayed.

Please Note:  Violators of these regulations and those of the City of Seattle are subject to citations and impound.