Disability Services

Application of Accommodations

Updating LOA

Disability Services recognizes that a student’s access needs may change over time and that disabilities can fluctuate in their functional impacts.

Students may request to add to or modify their LOA’s throughout the quarter. In some cases, new or updated documentation highlighting these changes or identifying new conditions may be requested.

  1. Student and Disability Services Director complete an “Adjusting Accommodations” meeting requested by the student. This meeting is typically scheduled for 15-45 minutes. Appointments can be made by either calling the DS office at 206. 934.3697, emailing the DS office at ds@seattlecolleges.edu, or scheduling the appointment using Starfish.
  2. Once changes are approved by Disability Services, the updated letter is emailed to student and faculty.
  3. Any new accommodations will follow the student into future quarters unless otherwise stated by Disability Services staff.

It's important to note that due to the nature of some accommodations requiring many steps to implement, reasonable time frames and expectations are communicated to students by Disability Services staff.