Disability Services

Application of Accommodations

Syllabus Statement

Making contact with Disability Services can be a difficult step for students to take if they feel there is stigma in having a disability. Including a statement in your syllabus helps make this a normative process and lets students know that you’re aware of the needs they may have.  This helps students feel more comfortable taking the next step, and it also reminds students who are already registered to make their accommodation requests in a timely manner.
Disability Services offers the following example of a syllabus statement for faculty who would like to include this information in their course syllabi:

In my commitment to student learning, I want to support all students.  If you have a disability that will affect your performance in this class, please let me know at your earliest convenience so we can discuss your needs in this course.  Students with disabilities are encouraged to use Disability Services (DS) for support in implementing reasonable accommodations for their disabilities. DS offers resources and coordinates reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities and/or temporary health conditions.  Reasonable accommodations are established through an interactive process between you, your instructor(s) and DS, consistent with the values and mission of North Seattle College and with federal and state law. Please contact the Disability Services coordinator – 206-934-3697.