How to Request & Receive Accommodations

How does a student request services?

Students should start by submitting documentation of their disability to the Disability Services (DS) office. They can then schedule an intake appointment with the DS director to discuss the impact of the student’s disability and determine what accommodations may help reduce the impact. The director will also explain how to use the accommodations and will answer any questions the student may have. 

Once accommodations have been determined during the intake, students will need to request their accommodations each quarter by submitting a Request for Services form to DS. DS does not arrange accommodations unless requested by the student. 

Students are responsible for requesting services in a timely manner. Because accommodations take time to arrange, it is recommended that students make their written request six weeks before accommodations are needed. Lack of advance written notice may delay the availability of an accommodation.

What type of documentation is needed to qualify for services?

Documentation should state the disability and should be written by a professional qualified to make such a diagnosis. It should also include information on how the student is impacted by the disability. For disabilities that change over time, recent documentation showing the current impact is best. Students are responsible for obtaining and paying for their own documentation. Contact the DS office for more information on specific documentation guidelines and for referrals on where to obtain documentation.

Doctors or diagnosticians may suggest or recommend specific accommodations; however, the DS director has been assigned by the college president to review and evaluate documentation and will make the final determination as to which reasonable and appropriate accommodations will be provided.     

How are accommodations arranged?

Students are responsible for requesting accommodations each quarter in which they are needed. 

Some accommodations, such as the placement of ergonomic furniture or arranging Sign Language interpreters, are arranged directly by the DS office. 

For accommodations in which instructor assistance is necessary, such as testing and notetaking accommodations, DS will send instructors a letter of accommodation describing the accommodations the student should receive. This letter does not disclose information about the student’s disability unless the student would like such information to be included. 

Instructors are not required to provide accommodations until they receive the letter of accommodation. Accommodations are not retroactive.