For-Credit Classes

For-Credit Classes are also offered at the Roy Flores Wellness Center. If you are interested in adding a health and wellness for-credit class to your schedule, please see the options below.

PEC131/132 Beginning/Intermediate Weight Training (2 credits)
Beginning and Intermediate Weight Training students work together in the same class, developing muscular fitness through resistance training, using free weights and weight machines. Workouts consist of individualized and instructor-driven programs that align with student goals, proper technique, and weight training principles. Instructional feedback and assistance are provided to help correct form and answer questions. Course schedule in ctcLink is here.

PEC131 and 132 are typically offered all four quarters, in a hybrid format, meeting in-person on Mondays & Wednesdays, with the remaining work being completed online

PEC136 Yoga (2 credits)
Yoga includes postures, breathing, and meditation practices to support physical and mental health. The history, philosophy, benefits, and holistic nature of yoga will be explored, as will the development of personal practice. All fitness levels are welcome, and all poses can be modified to accommodate limitations. Course schedule in ctcLink is here.

PEC136 is typically offered all four quarters, via online and virtual learning.

PEC139 Yoga Pilates (2 credits)
Yoga poses and Pilates matwork exercises are integrated into an exercise training program to impove posture, strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. Breathing and relaxation practice are added to connect body-centered activity with mind-centered activity. Other topics of interest include movement mechanics, fundamental yoga and Pilates principles, and other fitness-and-health-related themes. Course schedule in ctcLink is here.

PEC139 is typically offered in a hy-flex environment (in-person and virtual simultaneously) on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, Fall through Spring quarters

PEC143 Walking for Fitness (2 credits)
Walking for Fitness incorporates progressive cardio workouts via walking routes that lead us from campus to surrounding neighborhood areas. We will also engage in specific training plans on campus in the Roy Flores Wellness Center, especially In the event of inclement weather. The class covers safety, walking technique, workout designe, and issues related to walking and physical fitness. Course schedule in ctcLink is here.

PEC143 is typically offered in a hybrid format: in-person on Monday & Wednesday mornings, with students completing an additional hour of walking on their own. Spring quarter.

PEC150/151 Beginning/Intermediate Physical Fitness (2 credits)
Beginning and Intermediate Physical Fitness students work together in the same class, where they develop, execute, and maintain individualized programs that highlight cardio fitness, muscular strength & endurance, and flexibility. Beginning students can plan on learning to use cardio and weight machines, free weights, and other equipment, and participate in a variety of activities to help meet personal goals. Intermediate-level students will be provided with more advanced skills and workout designs. General fitness information included for everyone. Course schedule in ctcLink is here.

PEC150 & PEC151 are typically offered all four quarters, in a hybrid format, on Monday & Wednesday early afternoons.

PEC165 Body Conditioning (2 credits)
Body Conditioning uses hand-held weights, resistance bands, kettlebells, fitness balls, and/or similar equipment to improve muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility in all of the body's major muscle groups. A variety of exercises and activities are practiced, and particular attention is given to proper technique, safety, and fitness progression. Wellness-related information, such as nutrition, proper hydration, and fitness trends are also included. Course schedule in ctcLink is here.

PEC165 is currently offered in the Fall in a hybrid format: Monday & Wednesday mornings. Students can participate on Fridays at the same scheduled time, or complete an hour of documented strengthening work on their own.

PEC179: Dance Fusion (2 credits)
We will practice a variety of dance-based movements borrowed from Latin, contemporary, hip-hop, swing, jazz, and other styles, performed to music in an exploratory or freestyle environment. Choreography is much simpler than traditional dance or dance fitness classes, with 2-4 short moves repeated through any one piece of music. Emphasis is on individualizing, moving safely, and having fun. Plan to learn and experience how the body and mind respond to movement. No dance experience? No problem. Course schedule in ctcLink is here.

PEC179 is a newly-revised class, tentatively planned for Winter '24, time TBA

PEC183 Mindfulness for Success in School, Work, and Beyond (2 credits)
An introduction to Mindfulness training. Covers scientific research as it relates to measurable changes in the brain and the rest of the body. Emphasizes the impact of Mindfulness training on studying, job success, and positive personal life management. Course schedule in ctcLink is here.

PEC183 is an online class, currently offered Fall through Spring

HDC119: Stress Management (1-3 credits)
Learn about the human stress response and build skills to accurately appraise and regulate your physiological response to stress. Includes functional understanding of the nervous system and evidence-based mind/body stress reduction strategies. Click here to find this class on ctclink. 

This class is usually offered in-personin the Fall & Winter quarters as a standalone class and then as an integrated study with SCI121 in the Spring quarter. Class is typically Tu/Th from 1-2pm in the Roy Flores Wellness Center.