Want to get in better physical shape? Want to shed some pounds or tone your body? Then check out the Roy Flores Wellness Center! We have something to get everybody moving in a healthy direction. Prefer to work out on your own?  Our atmosphere is low-key and inviting.  Need a workout buddy to get you going? Visit us and connect with other active members looking for the same thing.

We have many choices to fit your active lifestyle--including a well-equipped strength and conditioning room, a running track and gym for playing basketball or volleyball.  

Drop-in fitness classes are also a good option to get you motivated. These classes vary by quarter, but typically include yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, Tai Chi, Zumba and Ab Lab.  Our staff is very experienced in putting together fitness programs for all levels.  Check out our website for the current schedule

Take action! Your road to a healthier YOU  begins TODAY!

  • Contacts:
  • Director
  • Carianya Napoli
  • (206) 934-4591
  • Front Desk:  
  • (206) 934-3631
  • Recorded Information Line:   
  • (206) 934-3649
  • Location: 
  • PE0832D
  • East side of campus, adjacent to the central stairway leading from the parking lots