Undecided Students

There are many ways to start the process of identifying your career goals:

Consider what you enjoy, your interests and hobbies, your skills and strengths. There are many ways to help you start this process: Meet with a counselor for one-on-one assistance to explore your career options. Take HDC 100, Career and Personal Evaluation, a two-credit elective course on the Associate of Arts degree. Review campus and online resources

Transfer degrees are for students planning to attend a four-year university after the completion of a two-year transfer degree. A transfer degree is the first two years of a four-year bachelor’s degree. Most transfer courses are general education and prerequisites for a bachelor’s degree major. North offers five transfer degrees. See Transfer Degrees. To learn more about the transfer pathway, visit the College Transfer pages. Career training degrees and certificates are for students seeking an applied degree or certificate in order to gain skills for the workforce. Career training programs are focused on a specific career path. Career training program credits generally do not transfer to universities. North offers many career training programs. See Career Training Degrees and Certificates. To learn more about the career training pathway, visit our Career Training pages. The Roadmap to Success can help you understand the two major educational pathways offered at North.

Now that you have identified your academic or career goal and understand the difference between transfer and career training pathways, it’s time to choose your program of study (degree or certificate). When making that selection, it’s important to determine whether the career you want to pursue requires a bachelor’s degree, or whether an associate degree or certificate is sufficient educational preparation. You should let an academic advisor know once you have chosen a program of study. It is important to meet with an advisor regularly to develop your educational plan. You can call Advising to schedule an appointment.