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Create Your Education Plan

An Education Plan or Ed Plan is an outline of classes you plan to take each quarter. 

This should include things like:

  • Degree/program requirements
  • University admissions & major requirements
  • Class sequences & prerequisites

Making an Ed Plan is important because it helps you efficiently complete your degree or certificate by making sure you take the classes you need while avoiding taking unnecessary classes.  By working with your assigned area of study advisor, you can incorporate any personal timelines and narrow down your anticipated graduation date.

Find or start your Ed Plan in Starfish (not ctcLink):

  • Log in using your MySeattleColleges username and password (leave off the @seattlecolleges portion of the username).
  • Choose Degree Planner from the navigation menu at the top left.
  • Need more help? See full instructions on how to use Degree Planner on the Starfish website.
  • Remember to always check in with your advisor or retention specialist when updating your education plan.

What if I already have an education plan in MyNorth? 

Prior to November 2023, advisors created ed plans in a different location, called MyNorth. You can still view any education plans made in MyNorth:

  • Log in using your MySeattleColleges username and password
  • Click on the Ed Plan tile
  • If needed, choose the correct plan from the drop-down menu

To learn more about Ed Planning, join the Advising Canvas course.