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Completion Coaching

Why Completion Coaching?  

Life events or circumstances may come up that prevent students from enrolling in classes or completing their programs of study.  In these situations, North Seattle College has a dedicated resource to help you reach your academic goals. Our Completion Coach, Daniel Yzaguirre-Vidaurri , offers individual advising and support to students to finish their degrees or certificates. 

How Can a Completion Coach Assist You?  

  • Enroll in classes after taking a break from school.  
  • Help with understanding funding options for your final classes.  
  • Coach students through academic challenges.   
  • Assist with applying for graduation. 
  • Assistance with understanding program progress and remaining requirements. 
  • Assistance with Transfer Credit Process.  
  • Referrals for funding and employment resources.  
  • Transfer planning assistance.  
  • Help navigating financial aid.  
  • Referral to other NSC Resources.  
  • Personalized Check Ins. 

Who Should Contact our Completion Coach?  

Any college level student (transfer or career training) who is within one to two quarters of finishing a certificate or degree is eligible for completion coaching support. Students who have not been enrolled in recent quarters should also contact our completion coach with questions about re-enrolling.  

Contact the Completion Coach 

Phone: 206-934-7305 
Schedule an appointment here.