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The SMC team can assist students with their presentations, slideshows, printing, digitizing artwork, posters/flyers creation, basic design, finding images, and copyright.                


The SMC offers tools, workspace, and assistance to digitize your physical artwork, such as drawing, painting, and sculpture. The workspace includes a lighting set, scanners, computers, and necessary media software. Students can also check out a DSLR camera to take pictures of their beautiful art pieces.

Students are encouraged to submit their artwork for consideration to the Licton Springs Review (LSR) publications.  


The SMC laser printer has the ability to print black & white, color, and custom printing, including 11" X 17" and 12" X 18". Printing at SMC is primarily used by NSC students making multi-media projects and presentations for NSC coursework and college activities. Faculty and staff may use the SMC printer to print materials in support of student events by using their PaperCut credits.

The printing cost is 5 cents per print for black & white and 10 cents per print for color. All current students and staff receive $2 free printing credits each quarter. All users need to have credits in their PaperCut accounts to print at the SMC.

Note: The printing service at SMC is available only when we have open hours on campus. SMC computers are linked to the SMC laser printer. Wireless printing is not available.               


Students can use workspaces in the SMC to create posters for class presentations and college activities. The center offers limited free supplies and tools to enrolled students which can be used at the SMC. The supplies and materials include poster boards, colored papers, cardstock, glue, and tape. You may also purchase art supplies in the NSC Bookstore.

If you are interested in making a larger graphic presentation, you will need to design your image or poster in printable sections. The SMC has materials to help students assemble larger presentation images.               

SMC work area - poster making supplies, printer, colored papers 

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