Integrated Studies

2018 – 2019
Our Integrated Studies offerings this year will take you into new, complex worlds of knowledge and create a diverse community of peers for the journey.

In Fall 2018, "Beginnings" explores the intricacies of identity while laying the groundwork for college reading, writing, and learning. "Sex, Lies, and Media" examines the intersections of gender, race, and class in American politics and its media coverage.

Be sure to read the descriptions below for our courses in Fall 2018 — and check out the links too!

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"The seminar was the chance to discuss thoughts and ideas openly without being laughed at. It was nice to be able to bring an idea to the group and have everyone take it seriously, making me realize that my ideas are not ignorant or uninspired. In the future, it will be easier to speak my mind. The seminar also taught me to look more deeply into everything."

Coordinated studies student