Annual Schedule of Classes

The Annual Schedule of Classes at the link below provides a list of courses planned for the academic year. We strive to ensure this schedule is accurate, but unanticipated changes in funding, staffing, programs, and curriculum may require changes. As such, this Annual Schedule of Classes should not be viewed as an irrevocable contract between you and North Seattle College. You are encouraged to communicate often with your advisor regarding your educational plan.

Annual Schedule of Classes   
*Clicking on this button will download the annual schedule as an Excel file.

KEY – Modality (How the Class Meets/Is Delivered)     
In the annual schedule, you will see these symbols next to classes in the list. If more than one symbol appears next to a class, it means that class is offered in all those modalities.

WE - In-Person Web-Enhanced: all classes meet on campus, use of web tools such as Canvas and email are required.   
HY - Hybrid: Class has a mix of on campus sessions and online instruction.   
OA - Online Asynchronous: no required scheduled virtual or in-person meetings.   
OS - Online Scheduled: class sessions via Zoom or similar technology (formerly labeled as virtual classes)   
OB - Online Asynchronous with In-Person: although online, requires some in-person activities (such as an exam)   
OW - Online Scheduled with In-Person: meets via Zoom or similar, requires some in-person activities (exam, etc.)   
P - In-Person, meets on campus, no web tools such as Canvas or email are required.   
(SA) - Course meets on a Saturday.   
IS - Class is part of an integrated studies link or 10-credit coordinated studies course.   
Z - Other: Class does not fit within the listed instruction mode categories.

KEY – Time of Day     
The Annual Schedule of Classes does not show specific class times. For that information, please see the quarterly schedule at this link. [Link to ctcLink Schedule] However, the Annual Schedule will give you a general idea of when the class meets by organizing the list into the categories below.

AM - Class begins sometime between 7:30 AM and Noon.     
PM - Class begins sometime between Noon and 5:00 PM.     
EVE - Class begins at 5:00 or after.     
ONL - Class if fully online, no scheduled meetings.