Grades, Transcripts, and Transfer


North Seattle College uses a numeric grading system similar to the state’s other 2-year colleges and many universities. Below is how percentages and letter grades are translated into the numeric system.


>95% - 4.0, A

94% - 3.9, A

93% - 3.8, A-

92% - 3.7, A-

91% - 3.6, A-

90% - 3.5, A-



89% - 3.4, B+

88% - 3.3, B+

87% - 3.2, B+

86% - 3.1, B

85% - 3.0, B

84% - 2.9, B

83% - 2.8, B-

82% - 2.7, B-

81% - 2.6, B-

80% - 2.5, B-



79% - 2.4, C+

78% - 2.3, C+

77% - 2.2, C+

76% - 2.1, C

75% - 2.0, C

74% - 1.9, C

73% - 1.8, C-

72% - 1.7, C-

71% - 1.6, C-

70% - 1.5, C-


69% - 1.4, D+

68% - 1.3, D+

67% - 1.2, D+

66% - 1.1, D

65% - 1.0, D

<64% 0.0, F


Watch Deadlines Carefully. Remember that the College in the High School program is a dual-credit program and creates an official college record that will follow you after your transfer. Your grade point average is important! State and national accrediting organizations require CHS students to follow the same set of deadlines as college students. If you find yourself not earning the grade you’d like or are unable to complete the course, make sure you are aware of the deadline to drop the course and not have an impact on your college transcript. Deadlines are listed on this website.



For transfer to institutions outside of Seattle Colleges, you will need a college transcript. The easiest way to order these is online. For Official Transcripts, order them at the first link below. Official Transcripts are sent directly to institutions you are planning on applying to or have applied to. If you just need an Unofficial Transcript, you can print these yourself at the second link below. For both Official and Unofficial Transcripts you will need your ctcLink ID number. If you don’t remember it (or your password), your teacher can help you retrieve it.

Ordering Official Transcripts

Directions for Printing Unofficial Transcripts


Courses in the College in the High School program are General Education Requirements (including electives) within the Seattle Colleges Associate of Arts (Transfer) Degree. Colleges and universities often require 90 credits of courses to fulfill general education requirements before the student begins studying a major in earnest. The courses you complete can be applied toward a degree or certificate at North Seattle College or other institutions. Depending upon the college or university, your courses may transfer as direct equivalents or as general electives. It is strongly recommended you contact the college/university you plan to attend and verify how these credits will be accepted.

Earning an AA degree at North has advantages over entering a university directly:

  • Lower cost, quality instruction
  • Small class sizes, student/teacher interaction
  • Direct transfer agreement with Washington colleges and universities.

Direct Transfer Agreement

Each of the public, four-year colleges and universities within Washington have agreed to accept transfer credits from this program. NSC can’t guarantee whether the class(es) will meet graduation requirements or be accepted by a specific academic department within a college or a university. If you are planning on transferring to a private college, you should speak to their admissions office for clarification. Although it is uncommon for credits not to be transferred, there have been some exceptions.

For programs at North, please visit the North Seattle College website and explore our Areas of Study (programs) listed on the home page then reach out to an advisor.

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Advising Contact Form

Phone: (206) 934-3658