Workforce Education Students

Workforce Education provides educational funding for eligible students pursuing career training programs. For information on eligibility and how to enroll in Workforce Education, please visit the Workforce Education page.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I drop a class or change my schedule?

Making changes to your schedule after it has already been approved may jeopardize your eligibility for funding. Please contact your Workforce Education specialist before changing your schedule. Workforce Education Office: (206) 934-3787.

May I change my program of study?

Workforce Education may approve one program change for students receiving funding. Exceptions may be made if you choose to continue on an educational pathway. Contact your Workforce Education academic advisor for more information.

May I see any academic advisor?

Due to the specific requirements of Workforce Education funding, students are only able to meet with the Workforce Education academic advisor. The Workforce Education academic advisor is familiar with each funding program and can help guide students through educational decisions with funding requirements in mind.

What is an education plan?

An education plan is a quarter-by-quarter plan that guides students through his or her program of study and helps determine an approximate completion date. You will create an education plan with your Workforce Education advisor.

May I take classes outside of my scope and sequence or education plan?

Workforce Education students must take classes within their scope and sequence or education plan. If you choose to take a class outside of what has been discussed, you will be responsible for the cost of that class, including tuition, fees and books.

Who is the faculty coordinator and how do I reach him/her?

Each career training program has an assigned faculty coordinator. The faculty coordinator is able to assist you with course substitutions, work experience credit and prior learning credit. Faculty coordinators are also industry experts available to answer questions about career opportunities in your chosen field of study. You can find faculty coordinator contact information to the right of each career training page. Contact your advisor if you have trouble finding the information.

How do I substitute, receive work experience credit or test out of a class?

Students are required to meet with faculty coordinators to request a substitute, receive work experience credit, or test out of a course. Students will need to provide all documentation requested to the faculty coordinator. Fees may apply. See the Web site for Prior Learning Options.

What is an entry code?

An entry code is a code used to bypass prerequisite courses. Students who previously met the prerequisite requirement at another school will need entry codes for coursework at North. You will need to provide your advisor with previous transcripts (can be unofficial) or test scores to receive an entry code.


FAQ doesn’t answer your questions?  Contact the Workforce Education advisor Megan Mihara or the advising front desk for drop-in and appointment availability.