How to Find a Job

It is strongly suggested that you attend one of our work-study information sessions held just before Fall quarter begins.   These sessions are open to all students, new and returning.  At the information session students will learn how to utilize their work-study award and search for a job.  For information on the information sessions for the current year, please contact the financial aid office at (206) 934-3688 or via email at

How to Become a Work Study Student

  1. You must have a completed financial aid application for the current academic year to be considered for work-study.  Be sure to review the application process and our deadlines to ensure all required items are submitted to the Financial Aid Office.  Once we receive your FAFSA/WASFA we will post information to your Student Financial Aid Portal if any additional information is needed. It is important to check your portal often.
  2. Once your file is completed and reviewed we will award your aid for the academic year and you’ll receive an award letter which indicates how much work study aid you have been allocated, if eligible.
  3. After you have received your award notification you may begin looking for available work study positions. Jobs are posted on our website, as well as, the bulletin board outside of the Financial Aid office. Look for a job that matches your major and/or interests, making sure you meet the minimum requirements. Note the employer contact information and start contacting employers to set up interviews.
  4. If you are unable to attend one of the information sessions be sure to come by the Financial Aid office and pick up an employee authorization form before going on your interview. The authorization form confirms to potential employers that you have been awarded work study and lets them know the amount and duration of your work study allocation.
  5. When you go for interviews, identify yourself as a work study student and show your Employee Authorization Form to the employer. Give the original form to the employer who hires you. Your employer will notify the Financial Aid office you have been hired and they will have you fill out the personnel paperwork.

On-campus Jobs

You can work for various departments on campus as an office assistant, lab assistant, media assistant, gardener, childcare aid, research assistant, tutor, etc.  On-campus jobs help you develop good relationships with faculty and staff.  On-campus jobs may be more convenient than off-campus jobs since there is no travel involved and the work schedules may be flexible.

Off-campus Jobs

You can work for private companies, organizations, government agencies, research centers, elementary schools, etc., that have a contract with the Washington Student Achievement Council as work study employers. The pay rate for off-campus jobs varies depending on the company or organization.  By law, your employer should pay you at least the prevailing minimum wage and you must be paid at least once a month.