Work Hours

The number of hours you can work depends on your award amount, your hourly wage, your employer’s need and your class schedule.

Your award notification lists the maximum gross amount of work study you can earn each quarter. While classes are in session you are limited to working a maximum of 19 hours a week throughout the academic year. You may work up to 40 hours a week during breaks if you have funds remaining at the end of the quarter and have work study funding for the following quarter, with the exception of spring quarter. All work study students must stop working June 15th.

To calculate the number of hours you can work each week, divide your quarterly award by the number of weeks in the quarter, and then divide that number by the hourly wage.


Your work study award = $1200
Number of weeks in a quarter = 11 weeks
Hourly wage = $10.83
$1200 (award amount) divided by 11 (weeks in the quarter) = $109.09 (weekly earnings)
$109.09 (amount you can earn in a week) divided by $10.83 (hourly wage) = 10.07 (approximate weekly hours) 

It is you and your employer’s responsibility to keep track of the hours you work so that you do not over-earn your quarterly allocation.

 Reporting Your Hours

On-campus work study hours are reported using Time and Leave Reporting (TLR),, which is a secure online reporting system. Your supervisor will give you training on how to use TLR.  You will use your SID (Student Identification) and a PIN number that will be issued to you when you are hired to access this secure site.

Off-campus employers will have their own system of reporting hours worked. You need to follow your employer’s reporting procedures. The hours you work will need to be reported to the Financial Aid Office using a paper time sheet/reimbursement voucher as soon as you get paid. You must be paid at least once a month. Your pay rate should be at least the current minimum wage for Washington state. 

When To Start Working

You may start working the first day of the quarter for which you have been awarded work study. You have to stop working as soon as you use up your entire quarterly allocation even if the quarter has not ended. Your supervisor may have the ability to continue your working hours if they have funding available in their department budgets. See your supervisor for more information.