DoD TA Quick Start Guide

Are you an Active Duty Service Member planning to use Department of Defense Tuition Assistance programs?

As a student, you have multiple steps to complete before your first quarter.  These steps can be completed concurrently.  You are advised to start your financial aid application as early as possible due to processing times. Use this step-by-step instruction sheet to get started.

Please note that you must meet with the Veterans & Military Services Office after talking to your unit’s Educational Service Officer.

  • Speak with your Educational Services Officer (ESO) or counselor within your unit prior to enrolling in classes 
  • Complete and Submit your TA form – Be sure to request the current tuition rates, excluding all fees. More information on costs available at:
  • This step is optional, but realize that any financial aid awarded to you may stack with your tuition assistance and/or other funding.
  • Visit the Financial Aid Website at: for additional information.
  • Have all official transcripts (military and college/university) sent to:

NSC Records and Transcripts

9600 College Way North
Seattle, WA 98103-3599

  • Your military transcripts can be ordered from the Joint Service Transcript link:
  • Review the Military Credit policy at:

Placement into Math or English is assessed in multiple ways. In some situations, recent college or high school transcripts, AP or SAT scores may be used. More information available at:

  • In your initial advising session, you will discuss your education and career goals.  Complete a planning sheet to guide you in registering your classes every quarter for the degree/transfer program you choose. 
  • You must have an Education Plan completed with advising by your second quarter. Ask your advisor about the dates to attend an Education Plan orientation or make an appointment with advising to set up an Education Plan.