DoD Tuition Assistance

North Seattle College is an approved institution in the DoD MOU Program.  The college is listed as “North Seattle College” (OPE ID:  00970400) on the participating institutions list at:  

 Please note that DoD tuition assistance programs do not pay for fees, including fees that are bundled with tuition costs.  The college charges additional state-mandated fees (building fee and services & activities fees) to every student as a condition of enrollment.  We received notification from DoD that we will not be allowed to submit these fees for TA reimbursement, therefore this amount will be charged to students.

 The current operating fee to report on your Tuition Assistance Voucher can be found in this document

 Additional Costs to Students

Every student is separately charged mandatory fees as voted by students (technology fee, comprehensive fee, fitness center fee, etc.).  We understand these fees are not eligible for tuition assistance.

Students may also incur separate fees also not eligible for tuition assistance, including but not limited to: administrative fees (application or admission fees, transcript fees); usage fees (housing, parking, graduation fees, insurance); fines (parking tickets, late registration fee, library fines); course fees (distance education fee, lab fees); and testing fees.  

Once you have your TA voucher completed, be sure to submit it to the Veterans Services office immediately for processing.  Veterans Services is located on the second floor of the College Center Building, behind the Financial Aid Office.

If you have any question regarding submitting your TA voucher, contact our Program Manager, 
Gregg Tessensohn 
(206) 934-3699