Welcome North Seattle College's Student Organizations for Equity & Engagement (SOEE)

SOEE welcomes you to our vibrant campus community. At North we have two distinct and exciting types of Student Organizations – Clubs and Affinity Groups!

2021-2022 Clubs

If you want to attend a club meeting, please contact them via the club email or the advisor email to get a room number or Zoom link to the meeting.

Clubs supported by North relate to secondary characteristics such as language skills, work interest, country of origin, religion, shared interest, etc

Accounting Club

The NSC Accounting Club further acts as a path for students to network, participate in relevant social events, and meet other students with similar career path ambitions. A top priority for the NSC Accounting Club is to help students complete their education goals and develop the necessary skills to achieve a successful and fulfilling career in the accounting field.

Student Contact: Vacant
Advisor: Ron Woods
Meeting time: Tuesday 4:30 - 5:30
SOEE Liaison:  Matt Toups

American Sign Language

To practice ASL, learn deaf culture, and learn about issues within the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community

Student Contact: Lydia Hayes
Advisors: Michael Cooper email  & Thomas Fuglestad 
Meeting Time: Mondays 5pm - 7pm
SOEE Liaison: Nichole Eidsmoe

Computer Science Club

The Computer Science Club and the Google Developer Student Club’s mission is to provide mentorship, skill building workshops, and opportunities to expose all students regardless of area of study or skill level to the real applications and processes needed to build technical solutions.

Student Contact: René Capella
Advisor: Bill Barry
Meeting Time: Please see events (Weekly meetings at 2:00pm and on Fridays at 11:00am)
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SOEE Liaison: Matt Toups
Discord link:

Early Childhood Education Club

The ECE club's mission is to bring together a community of ECE students, alumni and partners to committed to having fun in an inclusive environment.

Advisor: Ninder Gill email 
SOEE Liaison: Nichole Eidsmoe

Indonesian Students Club

Our mission is to introduce and attract students who are interested in Southeast Asia culture. We also aim to help Indonesian students to adapt to a new culture and to make them feel like they are at home.

Student Contact: Suhartanti Purnama Cuarsa
Advisor: Renee Infelise
Meeting Time: Friday from 5pm - 6pm
SOEE Liaison: Kedeste Amsalu

Rocketry Club

To give community college students hands on experience building rockets

Student Contact: Alex Langenstein
Advisor:Tracy Furutani email
Meeting Time: Fridays at 3pm
SOEE Liaison: Kedeste Amsalu

Social Justice in action club

To participate in discomfort, confrontation, humility and fear, allows us to grow in our communities. Our purpose is to dismantle, disrupt and rebuild the systems that fail many of us, removing barriers and creating equal access through equity, diversity and inclusion. We will do this work through celebration and enjoyment while empowering, building courage, solidarity and community.

Student Contact: Shakira Adams
Advisor: Heather Price
Meeting Time: The third Thursday of the month 4-5:30pm PCT.
SOEE Liaison: Gracie Ochoa

Interested in joining one of our Affinity Groups?  Please see our Affinity Groups page!

Inclusion Statement

North Seattle College Student Leadership does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, age, nationality, religion, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, veteran status, political affiliation or belief, citizenship/status as a lawfully admitted immigrant, or disability.

If anyone needs accommodations at any time, please contact Disability Services at (206) 934-3697 or Visit their office at CC2346A (College Center, 2nd floor, opposite Registration).

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