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UTF Request Form

The Student Fee Board has opened the request period for Universal Technology Fees (UTF)! The deadline for these applications is March 29th.

Please read the following information before submitting your request.  

What is a Universal Technology Fee?  

The UTF is a fee that is charged on top of tuition at a rate of $3 per credit, up to 10 credits for a total of $30 per student, used to pay for technology related hardware, software, and service programs which promote higher quality learning and a better college experience at North.  

What are Universal Technology Fees used for?  

UTFs are used to purchase technology that directly benefits students. Expenditures may be used for, but are not limited to, endeavors that: 

  • Expand student access to current technology  
  • Strengthen existing computer resources  
  • Improve student access to Internet resources  
  • Fund a staff/student supported technology project  
  • Support enriched classroom learning  

UTF also funds the computer life cycle plan, which ensures that all classroom and lab computers are systematically replaced every four years on a staggered cycle.  

Examples of funding from previous years:  

  • Computers  
  • Digital Camcorders  
  • Heart Rate Monitors  
  • iPads for Anatomy classes  
  • Kilns and Pottery Wheels  
  • Medical Equipment  
  • Water/Air Purification Systems  

Who allocates the funds?  

Fee board members:

Student Chair - Katy Golshan
Student - Sophia Mann
Student - Nicole Hadisenjaya
Student - TBD
Student - TBD
Professional Technical Faculty – TBD
TBA, Professional and Technical Faculty
Non-voting - Pablo Basilio
Transfer Faculty - Tracy Furutani, Physics
Dean of Student Support Services- Jeanette Miller

Fundable and Non-fundable UTF requests  

Fundable requests:  

  • Are technology related   
  • Are primarily used by students    
  • Clearly describe how the technology will be installed, monitored and maintained  

Non-fundable requests:  

  • Primary use is intended for faculty or staff  
  • Personal/individual requests   
  • Consumables (ink, paper, etc.)  
  • Salaries  

The guidelines above are based on Washington State law, and Federal policies and statutes. RCW 28B.15.031, RCW 28B.15.051, RCW 28B.15.067, and the Student Fee Board bylaws.  


After submitting your request, you may edit it at any time before the deadline, March 29th.  

  • Anyone requesting $10,000 or more must come to the Fee Board and make a presentation on their request. Those making requests under $10,000 may also be asked to come in if the board has questions.  
  • All requests must be approved by your supervisor or Dean and then by the Vice President for your office or division.  By checking the boxes on the form you are stating that your proposal has been reviewed and approved by the appropriate parties. You can either print out the form and have the Dean and VP sign at the bottom, or send proof of approval in the form of an email, with approval from all parties.    
  • It is strongly recommended that before you begin drafting a proposal you first enlist the support of your supervisor.  Proposals lacking supervisor and VP approval will not be considered.   
  • If you are requesting computing technology, hardware, software, or equipment, you are required to contact Pablo Basilio to verify accurate costs before submitting your request.    

If you have questions about a potential request, please feel free to contact the committee for feedback and guidance. You can contact Jeanette Miller, the Student Fee Board Advisor.