Student Leadership & Engagement

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Clubs and Affinity Groups

This board focuses on supporting student engagement through Clubs and Affinity Groups. The goal of this Board is to ensure that students who are interested in connecting with others in their social identity group and/or with folks with shared interests have what they need to do so in a supportive, fun environment. This Board provides structure and logistical support to Student Organizations and contributes to the equity, diversity and inclusion of our campus community.

Benefits of Joining a Student Organization

  1. Build Community. Joining a Student Organization can help you meet and build professional and personal relationships, and be in a community of folks who share your identity (Affinity Groups) and/or interests (Clubs).
  2. Build Transferrable Skills. Joining a Student Organization can help you develop communication, time management, emotional regulation, presentation, coordination, empathy and equity, diversity and inclusion skills that employers seek.
  3. Build a Sense of Belonging. Research shows that when students feel a sense of belonging they are more likely to succeed in college and employment!
  4. Support your own College Success. Research shows that when students are engaged on campus outside of their classes they are more likely to be successful in their classes and meet their academic goals!
  5. Have fun. Student Organizations for Equity & Engagement are fun spaces where you can make friends, learn about yourself and others, build community, share experiences! Join an Affinity Group or Club today!

How do I join a club or affinity group?

Join a Club!