Student Leadership & Engagement

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Student Boards

What do we do?

Governance Board
The goal of this board is to provide student input  and insight in various capacities across the campus utilizing  student feedback and the student voice appropriately. This board  is responsible for providing insight on campus wide policies,  processes, and programming.  ​

Events Board
This board focuses on planning and hosting programs and activities, both in-person and online. The goal of this board is to build community, engage students, and help create a rich intellectual, educational and cultural campus life.

Fee Board
This board focuses on the finances of the Student Activities Funds on campus. The goal of this board is to make sure the flow of funds is equitable.

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Come to our general meetings Wednesdays 1-3pm in CC1442. Our meetings are open to anyone. We discuss topics from each board and folks are invited to come express their thoughts and feedback.