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Jeanette Miller

Dean of Student Support Services

Ruby Cavallo (she/they)

Club Board Specialist

Jeane Robles (they/them)

Events & Activities Specialist

Student Leaders - 2023-2024

Student Leaders coordinate and execute activities and initiatives that promote engagement and support North’s values of being an inclusive, innovative, caring, and responsive community. Student leaders develop leadership and professional skills to implement programs, activities, and advocacy efforts that benefit each student. If you are interested in becoming a student leader, we hire in spring quarter for fall.

Chayton Remle (Pronounced Chay-ton) (he/him)

Position: President

Jackie Le (she/her)

Position: Vice President 
Bio: Hi! I’m Jackie, a second-year Running Start student at North pursuing an Associates of Arts and serving as President of North’s Environmental Justice Club. I am excited to serve as a Student Leader at NSC this year.

Katayoon Golshan (Katy) (she/her)

Position: Finance Chair
Bio: Hey! I’m Katy. I study computer science, and I’m planning to transfer soon. :) I do have a club at North called the Gym Rats club. I love being able to help students and being part of this great community. 

Wren Lane (they/them)

Position: Equity and Diversity Chair 
Bio: I am passionately driven to create a more equitable inclusive and expressive environment for those at North and beyond. I am also majoring in art.

Sophia Mann (she/her)

Position: TRIO Chair 
Bio: Hi! I’m Sophia, a second-year student at North Seattle pursuing a degree in Psychology. I started my own dance club called Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)! I’m excited to be one of your Student Leaders this year!

Nicole Abigail Hadisenjaya (she/her)

Position: Sustainability Chair
Bio: Hey everyone! My name is Nicole. I’m an international student planning to major in Environmental Science. A room full of cats are my kryptonite.

King Vicente Sambonge (he/him)

Position: Governance Board Member
Bio: Computer Science Major. President of North’s Chess Club. Former TRIO Co-Chair. Project Baldwin Student Ambassador. I’m King, and I’m happy to serve this year as a Student Leader. Yours, and yours only.

Mohamed Fathi Bin Nagi (Nagi) (he/him)

Position: Event Boards Chair
Bio: Hello ! My name is Nagi, and I am an international student pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering. I am Chair of Events Board and also work as an International Student Ambassador. I love rockets, boxing, music, and am really excited to be one of your Student Leaders this year.

Cante Tadashi Remle (pronounced like Chan-te) (he/him)

Position: Events Board Member
Bio: Hello, I’m Cante. I’m a first-year Running Start student at North Seattle. I am also the President of Photography Club. I also adore K-pop! Feel free to ask me for help anytime.

Eden Martinez (she/her)

Position: Events Board Member

Ricardo Gurango (Rick) (he/him)

Position: Events Board Member
Bio: Hi, I’m Rick! I’m a second-year student at North Seattle College. I’m studying Business and Marketing, but am also pursuing a career in music on the side. Looking forward to bringing campus to life with Events Board!

Violet (Anh) Nguyen (she/her)

Position: Events Board Member

Maitsetseg Otgonbaatar (Maika) (she/her)

Position: Club Board Chair

Minh Quang Tô (Mikey - if you can't say Minh)

Position: Club Board Member

Nha Pham (she/her)

Position: Club Board Member
Bio: Hi, I am Nha (pronounced “nya”). I am 20 years old and currently enrolled in the Application Development program here at North. Nice to meet you!

Nguyen Nguyen Hoang Dao (she/her)

Position: Club Board Member
Bio: Hi, I’m Nguyen (pronounced “Win”), and I’m an international student at North planning to major in nursing. I am excited to be your Student Leader at NSC this year.

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