Student Leadership & Multicultural Programs

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Meet the team

Zuleica Olvera (she/her)
Associate Director

Ruby Foote (she/her)
Fee Board specialist

Jeane Robles (they/them)
Events & Activities Specialist

Student Leaders

Student Leaders coordinate and execute activities and initiatives that promote engagement and support North’s values of being an inclusive, innovative, caring, and responsive community. Student leaders develop leadership and professional skills to implement programs, activities, and advocacy efforts that benefit each student. If you are interested in becoming a student leader, we hire in spring quarter for fall.

2022-23 Student Leaders

  • Gracie Ochoa (she/her): President
  • Gavriel Hadisenjaya (he/him): VP of Administration
  • Abel Briant (he/him): VP of Finance
  • Alaina Ankrom (she/her): VP of Communal Relations
  • Lila Padfield (she/her): VP of Communications
  • Brandon Heald (he/him): Student Leader
  • Semyon Kiyan (he/him): Student Leader
  • Luis Umbupaty (he/him): Student Leader
  • Tom Thai (he/him): Student Leader
  • Niang Hual (she/her): Student Leader
  • Zaya Erdenebileg (she/her): Student Leader

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