General Business

Business Degrees Prepare You for Transfer or Employment

North’s General Business degrees prepare you for a changing American workplace, where business has become more project-oriented and a range of skills are required.

Nearly 50 percent of the U.S. GNP derives from small businesses that often cannot afford specialists. As a result, employers are seeking workers with adaptability and competence in many areas, including finance, project management, interpersonal interaction and negotiation.

Associate Degrees

North’s Associate of Business-Transfer degree focuses on accounting, finance and management as preparation for a major at a 4-year school and a successful career in business as a leader and innovator. Transfer students who wish to go on to a 4-year business program should work with an advisor to chart their specific course to the transfer institution of their choice.

The Associate of Applied Science in General Business focuses on varied skills for a range of jobs, from entry-level work in business to movement into management.

Varied Classes, Labs & Internships

Business courses accommodate working adults and modern life styles, with a day or evening schedule in the traditional classroom or online and an increasing number of hybrid classes (part online and part in the classroom). Interactive classes emphasize interpersonal skills — identified by North’s Business Technical Advisory Committee as the #1 skill needed in the business world. And a timely class invites you to explore sustainable business practices.

There are well-equipped computer labs, a multi-media lab and a focus on real projects in real work settings. Internships are a major aspect of training, where employer, faculty and student all agree upon learning goals. Internships provide a “foot in the door” for future employment — valuable for what you learn, for discovering what you really want to do, and for supporting realistic career choices.

Faculty Professionals

Faculty are all professionals in the workplace: lawyers, managers, engineers, consultants and coaches, some with behavioral training and some with finance background.

Develop Core Skills

The business curriculum develops core skills needed to become a successful business person:

  • Effective oral and written communication.
  • Effective interaction with co-workers.
  • Organization and prioritizing of space, time and tasks.
  • Use of current and emerging technologies.
  • Collection, analysis and interpretation of data,  including financial and marketing information.
  • Personnel decision-making and use of consultants.
  • Effective use of human differences to create positive relationships and support innovation.
  • Legal and ethical business practices.

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