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General Business

Associate of Applied Science - Transfer Degree (AAS-T)

The degree program enables students to acquire a foundation in the basics of accounting, management, marketing, business communication, business law and finance. learn to apply diverse skills such as critical thinking, organization, problem-solving and professionalism to the business world. Through exploration and analysis of relevant business models, students explore ways of solving problems that commonly arise in business settings from small businesses to the corporate arena. Students complete 90 credits, resulting in a General Business AAS-T. The General Business AAS-T degree is designed as a transfer program for those interested in an applied baccalaureate degree and, in particular, for students interested in the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in International Business degree program here at North Seattle College

Estimated Length of Completion

Degree Quarters Credits
Associate of Applied Science - Transfer Degree (AAS-T) Full Time: 6
Part Time: 10

Program lengths are estimates, not guarantees. For the most current program information, please check with the program contact.

Associate Transfer Degrees

Associate Transfer Degrees: Two-year transfer degrees let you take your freshman and sophomore classes at Seattle Colleges for a fraction of the cost, and then transfer to a four-year university with the skills and confidence to succeed. Be sure to work with a transfer advisor at Seattle Colleges and the four-year institution you plan to attend.

Depending on your program pathway, you can earn either an Associate of Fine Arts, Associate of Arts (AA-DTA), Associate in Business (AB-DTA), or Associate of Science (AS), general, Track 1 or Track 2.

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Program Pathway Map 

Program Pathways are a series of courses and experiences carefully selected to help you earn your credential and prepare for your career or university transfer.  Program Pathway Maps guide you through quarter-by-quarter coursework, indicate when you’ll need to complete important steps, and describe popular careers in this pathway.  Some course sequences or recommended courses can be customized or adjusted by speaking with an advisor.  

AAS-T in General Business Full Time Program Map

AAS-T in General Business Part Time Program Map

There are no entry requirements for this program

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor to discuss specific career goals and recommended coursework.

All costs are estimates and are not guarantees. For the most current program information, check with an adviser by calling 206.934.5391. There are additional costs for books and supplies. Each student is responsible for the purchase of certain supplies and required tools before the instruction begins.

Part Time Cost

Resident Non-Resident International
$11,122.20 $12,682.80 $28,615.50

Hours may vary based on specific program requirements. For the most current program information, check with an adviser by calling 206.934.5391.

Worker Friendly

This program is offered at times and in formats that meet the needs of working adults. This includes:

  • Online: Coursework is generally completed over the internet, within a quarterly timeframe, contact with instructor via email. Some courses may require limited on-campus visits.
  • Hybrid: Hybrid courses provide students with the scheduling flexibility of fewer campus visits while covering the same materials as an equivalent class held entirely on campus. Hybrid classes usually have at least one on-campus meeting per week combined with a "virtual classroom" with online content, lessons and activities.
  • Evening: Courses with a start time of 4:00 PM or later.
  • Daytime: Courses offered between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM


Course Course ID Credits Availability

Defines basic accounting concepts, principles and procedures for recording business transactions and developing financial accounting reports. Recommended: ACCT 110 or sophomore standing (S).

ACCT& 201 5.0

Examines application of basic accounting concepts, principles and procedures to more complex business situations in a corporate setting. Prereq: ACCT& 201 with a minimum GPA of 2.0 or instructor permission.

ACCT& 202 5.0

Survey of American business in a global context: business and economic terminology, entrepreneurship, forms of business ownership, accounting, budgeting, operations, human resource management, ethics, corporate social responsibility, and marketing principles.

BUS& 101 5.0

Course Substitute : CMST 205 - Multi-cultural Communications ( 5 credits ) WITH Academic Exception approval

This course examines primary and secondary aspects of diversity, including (but not limited to): race and ethnicity, gender and gender expression, sexual orientation, intersectionality, mental challenges, social class, and appearance/weight. Students will study effects these issues of diversity have on the ethical, legal, communication, marketing, and organizational change in the workplace of the United States.

BUS 112 5.0

Marketing presents an opportunity: find a need and fill it! Responding to the wants and needs of the consumer with the right product, price, promotion, and distribution forms the basis of the marketing concept. Marketing is dynamic, highly-visible, and often very controversial. Marketers must demonstrate value, quality, and service exceeding customer demands while maintaining channel relationships and meeting company goals and objectives. Marketing methods vary, but the need for marketing remains constant in the face of changing business practices. Marketing is essential to survival in today's customer-driven business. Prerequisite: Eligible for English 101 through English Placement Test or completion of English 097/098.

BUS 114 5.0

Covers nature, development and operation of principles of business law relating to contracts, commercial paper, corporations, agency, partnerships and sales.

BUS& 201 5.0

The course focuses on the usefulness and limitations of statistics and their use in managerial decision making. The following techniques are addressed: descriptive statistics, probability theory, sampling, hypothesis testing, simple regression, correlation and forecasting. Emphasis is placed on problem formulation, technique selection, and results interpretation. Prerequisites: Math 098 or Math 116. Transfer Class.

BUS 210 5.0

Course Substitute : CMST 195 - Media Management Operations ( 5 credits ) WITH Academic Exception approval

Studies business operations, private enterprise and governmental relationships in a world environment, including investments, marketing, transportation, trade agreements, management, production decisions and financial analysis. Recommended: prior business experience.

BUS 215 5.0

This course teaches effective interpersonal communication skills. Students learn communication styles and effective ways to adapt communication to meet business needs. Through individual and group activities, students improve understanding of cultural diversity, non-verbal communication, and individual influences on communication. Techniques for making informal and formal business presentations are also covered. Careful preparation for the employment interview is emphasized.

BUS 236 5.0

Covers the concepts of production, consumption and distribution with emphasis on price determination, production costs and market structures. Application of economic reasoning to public issues and business.

ECON& 201 5.0

Intro to the macroeconomic measures in the economy: GDP, unemployment and inflation. Examines monetary and fiscal policies and their effects on the interest rate and inflation. Covers economic growth and business cycles.

ECON& 202 5.0
Course Course ID Credits Availability

Must be eligible for English 101 through English Placement Exam or completion of English 097/098.

English 101 is a college-level writing course that emphasizes academic writing and major strategies of reading and writing analytically. Writing assignments focus on engaging with and responding to a variety of texts. Instruction encourages students to develop, through revision and reflection, as readers, writers, and critical thinkers. Prereq: Eligibility for ENGL&101.

ENGL& 101 5.0

Course Substitute : MATH&141 - PreCalculus I - or - Any math class with MATH&141 as a prerequisite

Explores functions and graphs as found in business and the social sciences. Students utilize linear, polynomial, exponential and logarithmic functions, solve systems of equations and inequalities, and learn applications of the growth of money.

MATH 116 5.0

No Description available

Z999_003 5.0

Course Substitute : Global Studies

No Description available

Z999_004 5.0
Course Course ID Credits Availability

To transfer to the BAS-International Business program, this class is a required prerequisite.

Analysis of accounting data as part of the managerial process of planning, decision-making and control. Concentrates on economic decision-making in enterprises. Prereq: ACCT 120, ACCT& 202 or permission (C, N); ACCT 120 or ACCT& 202 or instructor permission (S).

ACCT& 203 5.0

Course Substitute : ACCT 267 - Financial Management ( 5 credits )

Introduction to individual tax laws (as opposed to business tax laws). Includes preparation of individual income tax forms using text and/or web based sites or income tax software. PLEASE NOTE: This class is typically offered every quarter (typical class offerings may change depending on student enrollment and other factors).

ACCT 255 5.0

Elective BUS course numbered 100 or above and not listed above under 'Technical Specialty Courses'.
See Advising Center

No Description available

Z999_021 5.0