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I-BEST Early Childhood Education

Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training (I-BEST) is a special program for ABE and ESL students who are interested in career training classes. I-BEST programs provide two instructors in the classroom—one for career subject matter and one to help you improve your basic skills—while you earn college credits.

Two/Three Quarter Program

If you’re goal is to become an early childhood professional (teacher of the young child), or if you’re already working with young children and would like to improve your skills, the I-BEST Early Childhood Education program is your pathway to success.

Start this two quarter, part-time evening program to complete the Early Childhood Education Initial Certificate. Continue for one more quarter to earn an additional Early Childhood Education Specialization Certificate.


ECE Initial Certification – 12 College Credits         

Fall Quarter                
ECED 105 Intro to Early Childhood Education - 5 credits
ESL 069/ABE 049  I-BEST support class-  2 credits

Winter Quarter
ECED 107  Nutrition, Health and Safety for Children - 5 credits 
ECED 120  Practicum: Focus on Relationships - 2 credo\its
ESL 069/ABE 049  I-BEST support class  - 2 credits

(Specialization) Short Certificate Early Childhood Education - 8 College Credits

Spring Quarter
EDUC 115  Child Development - 5 credits
EDUC 130  Guidance - 3 credits
ESL 069/ABE 049  I-BEST support class - 2 credits                                                                                                                 

Students can take additional courses to earn other specialization certificates, the Washington state ECE certificate and associate degrees.

Getting Started

Before You Can Register - Admission to the I-BEST Early Childhood Program:

  1. Contact (206) 934-4585 or northibest@seattlecolleges.edu for updated I-BEST information sessions
  2. At the information session, complete an I-BEST Early Childhood Education application.
  3. Provide documentation of one of the following (Non-native English speakers) CASAS test scores in Reading and Listening - with a minimum score of 225 reading and 225 listening required (English placement tests must be taken within the last 6 months.) 
    (Native English speakers) CASAS test scores in Reading and Math with a minimum score of 225 reading required. (English placement tests must be taken within the last 6 months.)
  4. After you have been accepted into the I-BEST program, you can register for classes.


Nyah Ferreira
(206) 934-6030