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Now that you have learned about how to get started at NSC, this segment will discuss the registration process. You will learn about the types of classes offered at North, how to plan your class schedule and register, and various online services available. By the time we’re finished, you’ll be totally ready to schedule your first class. So let’s get going.

After you review all of the following information on this page, if you need support getting registered for classes, please meet with an Academic Advisor.  Advisors are available to assist you in a variety of ways, which you can see at:

The number of units you take determines whether you are attending full-time or part-time. Deciding how many units to take depends on a combination of factors. We recommend visiting here to learn more and help you make the right choice based on your academic goals.

There are four class formats at NSC -- on-campus, hybrid, online, or virtual.

The majority of on-campus classes are scheduled in the morning or afternoon. There are also many evening classes that usually meet daily or twice a week. A limited number of classes run on Saturdays.

Hybrid Classes
Hybrid courses combine online instruction and interaction with reduced face-to-face campus class time. Most hybrid classes meet once or twice a week for a total of three hours of face-to-face time, with the remaining class activity such as discussion and content delivery taking place online at the times when the student can log in.

This convenient option means you can take courses from the comfort of your own home or anywhere you have Internet access! These fully online classes do not require campus visits although some may require exams taken on campus or proctored elsewhere with pre-approval. A few primarily online classes do have a few required campus meetings (usually three or four per quarter).

Virtual classes are also online and do not include coming to campus but are the most similar to in-person classes because they meet on specific days at specific times to allow for live interaction between students and instructors. You will meet through a platform such as Zoom to listen to lectures, participate in discussions, or complete other activities. All virtual courses will also include an online component. If you prefer live interaction, while still not having to come to campus, this is the best option for you.

e-Learning courses require access to a computer and Internet connection. Students without a home computer can use one in the labs on campus.

Online courses are rigorous and require you to be disciplined and self-motivated. Most e-Learning courses have more readings and assignments than on-campus classes to ensure that your course time is equivalent to an on-campus class.

If you would like to find out more, visit NSC’s e-Learning site.

How to Register
Although you can register in person at the Registration Office, most students register online for their classes. You will need to be aware of how to add and drop classes, how to add yourself to or remove yourself from a wait list, and how to use permission numbers (entry codes) when needed.  You should meet with an academic advisor to plan your schedule and to ensure you get the classes you need to complete your program.

Adding Classes
You may register on a space-available basis at ctcLink or submit an Add/Drop form to the Registration Front Counter Services to register or change your schedule.

  • Through the second day of the quarter: Classes may be added through ctcLink or in person WITHOUT an instructor's signature and on a space-available basis.
  • Third through the tenth day of the quarter: Classes may be added only with an instructor's signature or with an e-mail from an instructor.
  • After the tenth day of the quarter (the eighth day in summer quarter): Students may no longer add classes.

Dropping Classes
You can drop a class through ctcLink or in person through the tenth instructional day of the quarter (eighth day for summer) without a record of the dropped class appearing on your academic transcript.

Withdrawing from Classes
You may withdraw from classes using ctcLink or in person. A grade of "W" will be recorded on your academic transcript for withdrawals made after the tenth instructional day of the quarter (the eighth day for summer). A "W" grade will remain permanently on your transcript.

After the eighth week of the quarter (the sixth week of summer quarter), you may not withdraw from classes. If you have missed the deadline, please talk with your instructor about other available grade options. 

Wait Lists
The wait list feature offers you a fair and consistent method of being enrolled into a full class if openings occur. If a class is full and you choose to be put on the wait list, you will be automatically enrolled in the class if a space becomes available. You will receive an e-mail alert every time your wait list status changes.

If you have not been registered via the wait list process by the first day of classes, go to the class on the first day.  If you have not been enrolled by this date, you may request an instructor's signature for permission to register in person.

Important Note: Students on a wait list who do not show up to class during the first sessions of the class may lose their wait list place to another student who wishes to be enrolled.

Permission Numbers (Entry Codes)
Permission numbers (entry codes) are issued to students for classes that have unmet prerequisites, prerequisites met at another college or that require permission by an instructor.  Permission numbers (entry codes) are available through Advising or from the academic division.

Pay Tuition
Tuition is due within 7 business days after you register or prior to the first day of the quarter, whichever comes first. There are 3 ways to pay your tuition:

  • Through the deferred payment plan, which allows you to pay your tuition in multiple installments
  • Through ctcLink
  • In person at the Cashier’s Office

Quickly and easily take care of your college business through ctcLink. You can look up your schedule or unofficial transcripts; register, add or drop classes, update your home address, e-mail or phone number; pay your tuition; confirm your registration start time; check your waitlist status; and more.

Every student receives a MySeattleColleges Login Account to access most computing resources.  Your login is usually composed of your, but you will receive your specific login name when you initialize your MySeattleColleges Login account and set your password. Your MySeattleColleges Login will provide access to Office 365, email, computers, campus wifi, Starfish, MyNorth, and other college online services.

The Academic Calendar provides important dates and deadlines, such as the first day of the quarter, last day to receive a refund, and the last day to withdraw. These dates also appear in the online class schedule.

I hope you now feel comfortable with registering for your first quarter of classes. Remember to pay your tuition on time!