Campus Life

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Campus Life

Student life isn’t just about attending classes and doing homework. The full college experience includes getting involved in extracurricular activities and taking advantage of all that the campus has to offer.

Participating in one or more of the many clubs and organizations on campus can make you a more well-rounded student and ultimately contribute to your academic or career success. Let’s take a look at some of the opportunities that await you outside the classroom at NSC.

Art Gallery

Student looks at art

The Art Gallery exhibits student and local art works to the campus and neighboring community. Exhibits include painting, sculpture, drawing, ceramics, photography, jewelry and weaving. There is no charge for entry.

The Licton Springs Review is North's literary and art magazine, featuring poetry, short fiction, essays, and visual art. Both the Review and the LSR Weekly newsletter are published by the Literary Guild, a student club focused on cultivating and sharing the literary, visual, and performance art of the North community. Students can gain publishing experience working for the publications.


Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor society for two-year college students. All part-time or full-time students, transfer and career training, are eligible for membership. Eligibility requires completion of a minimum of 12 credits of college-level coursework with a 3.5 GPA.

Members can choose to become involved in service, scholarship, fellowship or leadership activities. Active participation in our campus chapter, Alpha Epsilon Omega, is optional. Membership also provides access to transfer scholarships, created especially for Phi Theta Kappans, at many colleges and universities across the United States. Learn more at the NSC Phi Thetta Kappa page.

Student plays piano

Stage One is the NSC student theater production group that sponsors or produces free or low-cost theater events, including performances, workshops, discussions, field trips and visiting artists.

You are encouraged to participate in all aspects of production, either as a volunteer or for credit. This includes acting, stage management, production administration, scenery design and construction, lighting, properties, sound, costuming, publicity, make-up, and house and ticket management.

The mission of Student Leadership and Multicultural Programs is to develop students’ confidence and leadership skills to prepare them to thrive in a multicultural and global society.

Students can work on projects with professional staff, faculty, administration and other students who come from diverse cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds. Learn to listen and value diverse perspectives while collaborating to resolve challenging issues and creating win-win solutions.

Student Administrative Team (SAT)

SAT represents and advocates for the interests and concerns of the entire student body. This team undergoes extensive leadership training and works to support and sustain the work of the Student Fee Board, Cabinet, clubs and organizations.

Student Fee Board

The NSC Student Fee Board is a panel of student representatives whose responsibility it is to wisely direct student funds. You’ll learn about teamwork and decision-making, as well as the challenges and nuances of effective and efficient resource allocation. Members are responsible for allocating more than $1 million annually.

Student Cabinet

Student Cabinet members serve on campus committees to represent the interests of the student body in decision-making. Throughout the year, members work with the top administration, faculty and staff on campus-wide issues.

Student Clubs

A variety of student-initiated academic, cultural and special interest clubs are available each year. Any student can start or join a club. See a list of the current clubs on campus or how to start on club on the Student Leadership Web pages.

Yoga students

The North Seattle College Wellness Center offers wellness, fitness, physical education and recreational programs for NSC students, staff and the general public. The facility features a strength and conditioning center, three classrooms, an elevated track and a gymnasium for basketball, volleyball and other intramural sports. Drop-in fitness classes are also available and typically include yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, Tai Chi, aerobic dance and an ab lab.


In this segment, we tried to give you a taste of campus life. Hopefully, this introduction will help you find an activity that appeals to you. And remember, student government, campus events, and clubs are all great ways to meet new people and discover something new about yourself.

We highly recommend getting involved in an extracurricular activity. It’s one sure way to get more out of your college experience.