Report Concerns

Creating and sustaining a safe inclusive environment requires everyone’s help and commitment. The information below offers you ways to identify and report a concern or to seek support. For non-emergency situations, consult with your supervisor and submit a Student Conduct/CARE Incident Reporting Form.   For emergency situations, call 9-1-1 then submit a Student Conduct/CARE Incident Reporting Form, describing the situation and the actions you have taken.

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Behavior or Situations &

What It Might Look Like

What To Do and When


  • Imminent risk of harm to oneself or others
  • Acute health condition needing immediate care
  • Call 9-1-1.

 Behaviors of Concern

  • Students who concern faculty/staff in a vague or general way
  • Papers/projects containing violent or threatening content which is not part of a class assignment
  • Changes in demeanor, behavior or appearance
  • Substance abuse
  • Non-imminent harm needing immediate response, call NSC Safety and Security at 206-934-3636.
  • For concerns that do not need immediate response, contact the NSC CARE Team by filling out a Student Conduct/CARE Incident Reporting Form.


  • Student mentions general thoughts of self-harm or suicide without a plan.

Student Misconduct

  • Disruptive behavior in the classroom/office
  • Plagiarism or cheating
  • Bias/hate incidents
  • Student who threaten to harm other students, faculty, and staff

Contact 9-1-1 and Safety and Security at 206-934-3636

  • Students with weapons on campus
  • Students aggressive to other students /faculty/staff

       Child Abuse or Neglect

  • A child or student under age 18 is grabbed and slapped.
  • A student tells you about abuse or neglect of anyone under 18.



  • A student mentions that an instructor asked her out to lunch off campus to discuss course performance.
  • A student employee is the subject of offensive jokes or ridicule.